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IVY - Helen Poremba (artist)

Embroidery artist from Felton, Northumberland creates masterpieces using layers of material all stitched using free-motion embroidery to create textured, extremely life like images of flora. She makes bespoke pieces to fit any wall and colour scheme as well as doing workshops for any level.

"Using free-motion embroidery, I ‘draw’ with a stitched line and ‘paint’ with a whole range of recycled fabrics."

Helen's most recent work has been focused on ivy; I have made a video showing all the stages that are needed to create these intricate designs - from actually going out and selecting the plants to the construction of the frames before the pieces are sent to gallery / order.

Check out some of her work / services here:

"Inspired by the shapes, colours and patterns of botanical subjects, the resulting images combine bold pattern and intricate workmanship, depicting the beauty in the ordinary and everyday."

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